Marrying A Mexican In Mexico: How To Do It Right?

January 16, 2020 Comments Off on Marrying A Mexican In Mexico: How To Do It Right? All You Need To Know About Mexican Brides
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Perhaps, if you wondering about marrying Mexican pretty woman, then it is the last steps towards a serious and strong tie. To spend a life with someone you love means to live a happy life full of the greatest moments. If your online dating gets started serious and your dating days ended up with something serious, it is high time to think about marriage. So, how about doing it in Mexico?

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Is it good to marry in Mexico?

Definitely, one of the best destinations to marry could be Mexico. Why not? There are many good places where you can arrange your wedding. This city has a lot of venues plus reasonable prices. The services provided in these venues will leave you content and your important day will be an unforgettable one. Some benefits of marrying a Mexican in Mexico are worth mentioning.

  • exotic beaches and destinations
  • experienced planners for a reasonable price
  • many choices of marriage packages
  • many discount opportunities

Some legal aspect of marrying in Mexico

marrying Mexican pretty woman

Even though the idea of marrying someone in Mexico is luring, you will have some things to keep in mind. As a marriage is considered a legal process (civil marriage), you have to comply with some legal aspects required by the law.

  • you have to be at least 18
  • four witnesses are to accompany with the valid ID
  • homosexual marriages are allowed (as of 2015)
  • religious weddings are not recognized by the government


What are you required to provide?

The process of marrying a Mexican in Mexico can entail some paperwork. You have some papers to obtain in order to legalize your marriage in this country.

  • marriage application form
  • valid passport
  • visitor or residence permit
  • blood test results (should be done no more 14 days before an application)
  • foreign marriage permit (this is not required by all the municipalities)
  • chest X-ray

Costs of wedding

One of the most important things is the price your wedding will have. Actually, much depends on the way you will arrange your wedding. Thus, it is hard to predict the costs, yet you need some stuff for your wedding. For example, your wedding planner is advisable. You will pay for:

  • food and beverages
  • dress, accessories, wedding destination, and photographs
  • hotel & accommodation
  • paperwork
  • wedding planner
  • music arrangement, flowers, and decorations

Attractive destination

about marrying a Mexican in Mexico

Of course, it can be hard when it comes to money and legal process. However, it is worth doing as the places here in Mexico are amazing. You have plenty of choices.

  • The Riviera Maya: a good place with white sand and flora
  • Cancun: a good resort with large capacity
  • Puerto Vallarta: a nice and attractive port
  • Los Cabos: west coast with deserts


Final Verdict

What do you think about marrying a Mexican in Mexico? It may seem a bit complicated, but when you know required stuff, then no need to worry. May your wedding be the best day of your life.